February 10, 2011 Workshop Information
The Three Rivers Trust convened a meeting, the Ichetucknee Preservation Research Workshop, at the state park, on February 10, 2011 to discuss research priorities for preserving and restoring the Ichetucknee Springs system and asked the UF Water Institute to coordinate and facilitate the meeting.

In addition to a meeting, we decided to conduct a survey of invitees to understand priorities for research and restoration in the river, in the watershed and actions that should be taken. Survey Results (link to pdf)

This document summarizes the workshop and associated surveys.

Below is a summary of the meeting with links to presentations, posters, and break out group notes.

Here is a list of Attendees.

Agenda and Presentations
9:15 Richard Hamann, Board President, Three Rivers Trust - Welcome
9:20 Wendy Graham, Director, UF Water Institute - Role of Water Institute, Meeting Outcomes.
9:25 Introductions
9:30 Kathleen McKee, Research Coordinator, UF Water Institute - Review Agenda
9:35 Ondine Wells, Pandion Systems, Ichetucknee Springs Working Group Coordinator - Restoration Planning Process (link to pdf presentation)
9:45 Kathleen McKee - Survey Results (see Poster)
10:00 Brief presentations to synthesize impairment concerns highlighting related known research and data and potential research questions/hypotheses
  Brian Katz, USGS - Hydrology and nutrients in the springshed (link to pdf presentation)
10:30 Matt Cohen, UF Faculty - Hydrology and water quality in the river (link to pdf presentation)
11:00 Ginger Morgan, Craig Parenteau, FDEP Parks - Flora monitoring (link to pdf presentation)
11:30 Steve Walsh, USGS - Fauna monitoring (link to pdf presentation)
12:00 Lunch
1:15 Bob Knight, Wetland Solutions, Inc. - Recreation, Turbidity, Ichetucknee Report Card
(link to pdf presentation)
1:45 Break out groups - Meet 30 minutes three times, people could move or stay at a table.
  • Monitoring (link to pdf of notes)
  • Collaboration (link to pdf of notes)
  • Research (link to pdf of notes
  • Restoration (link of pdf of notes)
3:15 Break
3:30 Group Reports and Discussion
4:15 Next Steps
4:30 End

  • Changing Ecosystems of the Ichetucknee: The Headspring through Time (J. Stevenson, D. Liebowitz, J. Heinerth) (link to ppt poster)
  • Ichetucknee River Flow at US27 from 1929 2010: Statistical Trend (B. Gao, K. McKee, W. Graham) (link to ppt poster)
  • Statistical Trends of Groundwater Around the Suwannee Basin (B. Gao, K. McKee, W. Graham, O. Gargulio) (link to ppt poster)
  • Ichetucknee Springs Workshop Participant Survey (K. McKee) (link to ppt poster)
  • Water Use in Columbia County since 1980 (K. McKee) (link to ppt poster)
  • Pore-Water Chemistry and Hydrology in a Spring-Fed River: Implications for Hyporheic Control of Nutrient Cycling and Speleogenesis (M.J. Kurz, J.B. Martin, M.J. Cohen) (link to pdf)
workshop photo workshop photo workshop photo