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Happy Holidays, from the UF Water Institute! ,

Guest Writing Piece by Megan Almaguer, UF Water Institute Program Assistant

The holiday season is a time for reflection and aspiration: to reflect on our accomplishments and opportunities for improvement and to aspire to achieve greater things. This time of year allows for a fresh start, a clean slate. December is a bittersweet month for me because I reflect on all the good things that the year has brought me, but I also welcome the unknown opportunities and challenges of the next year.

This year, I have been fortunate enough to move into a new role and join the wonderful team of talented individuals at the UF Water Institute. I have learned a great deal about the research and programs that the Water Institute facilitates, and I have even begun contributing to them. I have begun a graduate program studying the intersection of sustainability and business, learning valuable lessons from my peers and my instructors, as well as my coworkers. I have grown as a person, a student, and a professional, and I can attribute a large amount of that growth to the Water Institute. Iím very thankful to my coworkers for the opportunities they have afforded me, and for everything I have been able to learn and accomplish this year.

I challenge you to reflect on the past year in your life, and to thank those who have helped, supported, and pushed you. Nobody is who they are because of themselves alone, and we all have somebody else to thank for helping us achieve our goals. Take this holiday season as an opportunity to acknowledge those people in your life, and keep them in mind when you set your goals for next year! After all, we can accomplish more together than we can separately.

From all of us at the University of Florida Water Institute, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season!