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UF Water Institute Welcomes New Affiliate Faculty Members ,

The University of Florida Water Institute welcomes its two newest affiliate faculty members Dr. David Chagaris of UF’s Nature Coast Biological Station and Dr. Tara Wade of UF’s Southwest Florida Research and Education Center in Immokalee.

Dr. Chagaris joined UF’s Nature Coast Biological Station in 2015 from the Florida FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. His research involves developing population dynamic and ecosystem models that include environmental drivers, trophic dynamics and habitat interactions. His current projects include evaluating the impacts of invasive lionfish in the northern Gulf of Mexico using food web models, ecosystem modeling to inform fisheries management in the Gulf of Mexico, evaluation of alternative management strategies for Gulf of Mexico recreational fisheries, and spawning-habitat and early life linkages to fisheries.

“My research is highly multidisciplinary, and I hope my affiliation with the Water Institute will facilitate collaboration with faculty in other departments to understand how management of water resources impacts estuarine and coastal ecosystems,” said Chagaris.

Dr. Wade joined UF in April 2017. She specializes in determining the economic factors that affect farmers’ choices to adopt conservation practices. Her research currently focuses on the economic factors affecting sustained no-till use and policy design that may encourage sustained no-till use.

She hopes her affiliation with the UF Water Institute will facilitate connections with faculty in departments ranging from economics to agricultural engineering and deepen her understanding of Florida.

“I’m new to Florida so I hope the Water Institute provides an education of Florida’s ongoing water conservation issues and provides a means to network and collaborate with others in the profession,” said Wade.

On behalf of the UF Water Institute, welcome to Dr. Chagaris and Dr. Wade to our robust network of affiliate faculty!

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