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UF Student featured by National Geographic for Captivating 360° Virtual Tour of Floridan Aquifer ,

Jennifer Adler, UF PhD student who previously worked as a UF Water Institute Communications Intern, had her work featured in the April issue of National Geographic Magazine for shooting the first 360° virtual tour of the Floridan Aquifer. Adler is the recipient of a National Geographic Young Explorer grant.

The aquifer virtual tour was created to help the public foster a better understanding of where their drinking water comes from and as part of Adler’s environmental education program Walking on Water. While a small portion of the population will see the aquifer first-hand, the virtual tour will allow anyone with internet access to feel immersed in the underwater caves.

"The concept of an aquifer tends to be abstract and confusing to many people," said Adler. "This is a problem in a place like Florida where we literally live our lives walking on top of our drinking water and consequently, our actions at the surface affect the water beneath our feet."

Her project Walking on Water involves educating fifth grade students about freshwater resources in the state of Florida. This project is funded through a National Geographic Young Explorer Grant and is part of her dissertation.

"There’s something empowering about working with kids, something that fills you with hope and positive energy," said Adler. "Their curiosity and enthusiasm gives me hope that the next generation will do amazing things for our water."

Adler would like to thank Cynthia Barnett of the UF School of Journalism and Communications and Dr. Tom Frazer, her PhD advisor and UF Water Institute Faculty Advisory committee member, for their help and support throughout this process.

To read the National Geographic article, visit and to link directly to the 360° virtual tour of the aquifer, visit