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Public Water Supply Utilities Climate Impacts Working Group ,

A NOAA-CSI Water grant awarded to the Water Institute, Florida Climate Institute and Center for Public Issues Education in August will focus on increasing the relevance and use of climate variability, climate change and sea level rise data and models for Florida Water Utilities. The 2-year project will build on a collaborative working group that partners a multidisciplinary team of faculty from UF and FSU with six major public water supply utilities and three Water Management Districts in Florida. Workshops will bring researchers, water suppliers, resource managers, planners and decision makers across Florida together to assess and evaluate the applicability of currently available climate data and models from multiple perspectives. The grant provides a unique opportunity for the collaborative development of new industry-relevant tools that have been vetted through the academic, public water supply and regulatory communities in Florida. For more information about the Public Water Supply Utilities Climate Impacts Working Group, our partners and activities to date go to