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2014 Distinguished Scholars Seminar ,

The 2014 Water Institute Distinguished Scholars, Dr. James Jawitz and Dr. Jon Martin, presented their research to a full auditorium at Emerson Alumni Hall on January 14, 2015. The photos below highlight the presentations and the captions include links to full-length recordings of the presentations.

Water Institute Director Dr. Wendy Graham introduces the first speaker, 2014 WI Distinguished Scholar Dr. James Jawitz, who gave a presentation titled “Why is the flow in Silver Springs decreasing?

Dr. Jawitz outlines some basic landscape hydrology concepts to help explain his model and the declining flow at Silver Springs. To watch his presentation, click here.

Students and professors in the audience film, take notes, and listen intently as Dr. Jawitz gives his concluding remarks about his Silver Springs model.

An interested and captivated audience filled classroom at Emerson Alumni Hall. Here, audience members smile as Dr. Jon Martin introduces his presentation “Views of SLR from Greenland, the Yucatan, and beyond.”

Dr. Martin introduces his presentation “Views of SLR from Greenland, the Yucatan, and beyond” and acknowledges his funding sources and collaborators.

Dr. Martin explains his research on glaciers in Greenland – he studies how solute fluxes change as the Greenland ice sheet retracts. He explained the 3 different types of watersheds present, including (with increasing exposure age and extent of weathering): subglacial, proglacial, and deglacial. To see a recording of his talk, click here.

A live tweet of the event can be found on our Twitter page @ufwater.

Photos and text by Jenny Adler