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Water Institute Graduate Fellows program ,

A new cohort of the UF Water Institute Graduate Fellows is coming together. Established in 2010, the WIGF program supports interdisciplinary faculty-graduate fellow teams to conduct integrative research in an emerging area of water science. The winning proposal for the 2013 cohort was submitted by an interdisciplinary faculty team (Drs. Treavor Boyer, Andrea Dutton, Jon Martin, Andrew Ogram, Bill Pine and Arnoldo Valle-Levinson) from six departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering and College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. The 2013 WIGF Cohort will focus on impacts of sea level change on coastal aquifers, water resources and ecosystems. Sea level is predicted to rise by up to one meter by the end of the century, with dire consequences for the nearly 1 billion people who live along coasts. Potential candidates visited UF February 21-24 to meet the faculty team and learn more about the program. The new cohort of students will begin their academic programs in the Fall. For more information