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Welcome to the Newest Faculty Advisory Committee Chair Elect, Dr. Nancy Denslow ,

The UF Water Institute is excited to announce our newest Faculty Advisory Committee Chair elect, Dr. Nancy Denslow. Dr. Denslow will begin her term as Chair in June 2018, and with a background in environmental toxicology, biochemistry, and molecular biology she will bring a new set of interests and expertise to the Chair position.

Dr. Denslow is currently involved as a coinvestigator with Dr. Dan Savin, who is PI on a grant funded project entitled Designing Nanoparticle-Based Disbursements with Improved Efficiency and Biocompatibility. The goal of the research is to find an efficient way to clean oil spills that is non-toxic to fish and other marine life in the Gulf of Mexico. Dr. Denslow’s work involves testing the potential toxicity of the proposed nanomaterial on fish in order to verify that the particles are non-toxic.

Dr. Denslow works with the UF Water Institute because she sees the importance of broadening perspectives by hearing different, cross-discipline ideas that one would not ordinarily hear by staying in one’s own department. “[The Water Institute] has enriched me to have so many colleagues that come from different areas of expertise,” Dr. Denslow said of her time working with the Water Institute. She believes that water research greatly benefits from an interdisciplinary perspectives because “everyone has different strengths and introduces different expertise.”

During her time as FAC Chair, Dr. Denslow hopes to encourage more faculty members who are interested in water, its uses, and its management to join the UF Water Institute as affiliate faculty. She hopes to expand participation past the engineering fields and into both health and management.

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