The Water Institute Staff is led by a full-time director who reports to the Vice President for Research. A research assistant scientist, two research coordinators and an administrative assistant assist the Director in the development, execution and evaluation of Water Institute programs.
Affiliate Faculty
The Water Institute Affiliate Faculty is made up of a diverse group of over 200 members representing over 65 Departments, Centers and Programs at UF. Individual faculty association with the Water Institute is through voluntary registration in the online faculty expertise database. All registered faculty are considered Water Institute Affiliate Faculty members and eligible to vote for the Faculty Advisory Committee members, and other governance issues. All Affiliate Faculty members retain their positions in their tenure department homes where all administrative and performance review functions are carried out.
Water Institute Faculty Fellows
The UF Water Institute Faculty Fellow award program is designed to recognize University of Florida faculty who are making outstanding research, extension, or education contributions to interdisciplinary water programs.
Water Institute Graduate Fellows
Water Institute Graduate Fellows conduct integrative research in an emerging area of water science, including the social, natural, and engineering sciences. The 2011 Water Institute Graduate Fellow Cohort focuses on developing new knowledge, and creative engineering, management and policy solutions needed to establish and achieve numeric nutrient criteria for Florida’s waters. The 2013 Water Institute Graduate Fellow Cohort focuses on impacts of sea level change on coastal aquifers, water resources, and ecosystems. The 2015 Water Institute Graduate Fellow Cohort focuses on hyydrologic transformation in the Amazon basin: reconciling economy, society, and the environment in the world’s largest watershed. The 2017 Water Institute Graduate Fellow Cohort focuses on a comprehensive system approach to analysis of interbasin transfer of surface water into the Tempisque River watershed in Costa Rica.
  As members of interdisciplinary Water Institute project teams student interns conduct individual projects that contribute to the overall team effort, while learning about and assisting the process of interdisciplinary scientific research, collaboration, and scholarship. By participating in this program they gain important skills and develop a personal network of mentors and colleagues to help them develop their careers.
Faculty Advisory Committee
An internal Faculty Advisory Committee for the Water Institute consists of 15 members of the Water Institute Affiliate Faculty, 10 elected and 5 appointed on staggered 3 year terms.