2nd UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Daniel Bena
Session Name Plenary Session
Category Opening Plenary Session
Author(s) Dan Bena,  PepsiCo
  The Water Crisis: Global Scourge, Opportunity, or Both?
  This plenary address will provide an industry perspective from a major multinational consumer products company on the impact of the myriad global water crises on its business and on its consumer base. Since the magnitude of the problems we face cannot be solved in the near term, the speaker will share some key insights into a Strategies and Scenarios project the company conducted which looks forward two decades into the future, and how water will impact the success or failure of the company in 2030. In addition, the audience will hear examples of how innovative steps are being taken now to turn what is admittedly a grave crisis into genuine collaborative opportunities for the business, the planet, and the people whose lives depend on it.