2nd UF Water Institute Symposium Abstract

Submitter's Name Brian Richter
Session Name Plenary Session
Category Opening Plenary Session
Author(s) Brian Richter,  The Nature Conservancy
  Life Cycles: Sustaining the Flows of Water, Fish, and Human Culture
  The notion of sustainability in water resource management is now being used to sell everything from hydropower dams to low-flow toilets. This presentation will explore the root meanings of the concept of sustainability and highlight strategies for attaining it in three different geographic and cultural settings. In Quito, Ecuador, water supply managers are investing in watershed protection as a means for reducing their water filtration costs, while at the same time providing a new source of income for mountain villagers. Along the Zambezi River in Africa, new ways of managing old dams are being proposed as a means for restoring river health and riverside communities that depend on the river's bounty for their well-being. In many of the states within the US, new water allocation rules are being adopted to try to better protect environmental flow conditions and associated benefits for people. Based on lessons learned from these and other projects around the world, The Nature Conservancy and a diverse array of partners are developing global certification programs for water use and hydropower development in an effort to accelerate global adoption of sustainable water management practices.