The UF Water Institute brings together talent from throughout the University to address complex water issues through innovative interdisciplinary research, education, and public outreach programs.


Interdisciplinary UF Water Institute Teams, comprised of leading water researchers, educators and students, develop new scientific breakthroughs, creative engineering, policy and legal solutions, and pioneering educational programs that are renowned for addressing state, national, and global water resource problems.


Partnerships: The Water Institute recognizes the importance of developing strong inclusive partnerships among Water Institute Affiliate faculty and with external stakeholders to identify and prioritize critical water issues requiring interdisciplinary expertise.

Expertise: The Water Institute is committed to developing the basic knowledge, practical experience, and infrastructure required to respond to stakeholders’ emerging water issues.

Excellence: The Water Institute is committed to providing excellent interdisciplinary water-related research, education, and outreach programs that have broad recognition within the state of Florida, the nation, and the world.

Respect: The Water Institute provides services that acknowledge and respect the expertise of all Affiliate faculty; it also recognizes the personal values, cultures, and socioeconomic context of its diverse external stakeholders.


The overarching goals of Water Institute research, education, and outreach programs are to:
  • Improve basic knowledge of the physical, chemical, and biological processes in aquatic systems (rivers, lakes, oceans, estuaries, wetlands, soil, and ground waters).
  • Enhance understanding of the interactions and interrelationships between human attitudes and activities, and aquatic systems.
  • Develop and promote the adoption of improved methodologies for water management and policy (including quantity, quality, and ecosystem services) based on a foundation of science, engineering, management, and law.