Interdisciplinary Working Groups


The UF Water Institute coordinated “Working Groups” nurture shared interests in water issues among participating stakeholders.  Group and individual interactions through the collaborative processes are helping to transform the way science is developed and used by bridging the gap between researchers and the ultimate users of the scientific knowledge produced for sustaining the water future.  The Water Institute working groups provide social learning and collaboration platforms where members engage in joint activities, discussions, and share information.  These dynamic processes help build relationships that enable members to learn from each other, promote shared knowledge, data, models and tools relevant to their situations, and develop collaborative proposals.

Florida Water and Climate Alliance (FloridaWCA)

Climate change, climate variability, sea level rise and associated uncertainties and risks pose increasingly complex challenges to the planning and operations of Florida’s public water supply utilities. The Florida Water and Climate Alliance (FloridaWCA) is focused on making climate science more useable for planning and operational needs related to both the supply of and demand for water. Public water suppliers, water resource managers, climate, hydrologic and social scientists to promote share knowledge, data, models, decision-making tools, strategies and adaptations relevant to the dynamic and changing conditions affecting water supply reliability. Click here for details.