Participating Faculty and Research Components

Prospective Fellows are encouraged to introduce yourself to the faculty member in your area of interest prior to submitting your application. Click on the faculty's name below to get detailed information about their student's component of the Tempisque project.

Participating Faculty (each will be major advisor to 1 Fellow)
  • PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Rachata Muneepeerakul, Associate Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering.
          email:   phone:  352-392-1864 ext. 227
  • Dr. Christine Angelini, Assistant Professor, Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment, Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences.
         email:   phone:   352-294-7815
  • Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, Professor, Anthropology.
         email:  phone:  352-392-1020
  • Dr. Greg Kiker, Associate Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, School of Natural Resources and the Environment.
          email:   phone:  352-392-1864 ext. 291
  • Dr. Rafael Muñoz-Carpena, Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering.
         email:  phone:  352-392-1864 ext. 287
  • Dr. Peter Waylen, Professor, Department of Geography.
          email:  phone:  352-294-7515
Collaborating Faculty (on project team but will not be major advisor to a Fellow)
  • Thomas Ankersen, J.D., Director, Conservation Clinic, College of Law.
         email:  phone:  352-273-0835
  • Dr. Alfredo Garcia, Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, College of Engineering.
          email:  phone: 352-294-7708