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Name: Wilson, Patrick
Title: Assistant Professor
Organization: Indian River Research and Education Center - Ft Pierce
Education: Ph.D., Environmental Toxicology, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina, 1999
Office Address: Indian River Research and Education IFAS 2199 S Rock Rd Fort Pierce, FL, US349453138
Email: pcwilson@ufl.edu
Telephone: +1 (772) 468-3922 ext: 119

Research interests focus on water quality and its impacts on aquatic natural resources. Objectives include: 1) identification of how agricultural/horticultural crop production impacts water quality and non-target organisms, and 2) identification of strategies to lessen those negative impacts. Specific projects have investigated: pesticide and nutrient export from agricultural watersheds and specific land-uses, the effects of pesticides and mixtures on aquatic invertebrates (D. pulex) and submerged aquatic vegetation (V. Americana), methods for minimizing export of herbicides from flatwoods citrus production areas, non-target deposition of pesticides used for ornamental plant and citrus production, and high-volume, low retention time bioremediation systems for removing nutrients from nursery runoff water.