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Name: Sollenberger, Lynn
Title: Professor and Associate Chair
Organization: Agronomy
Education: Ph.D., Agronomy, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 1985
Office Address: 3111 McCarty B PO Box 110500
Email: lesollen@ufl.edu
Telephone: +1 (352) 273-3420

The research program seeks to develop and assess best management practices for grassland ecosystems in Florida. Practices evaluated include grazing management, fertilization rate and source, and choice of grassland species. Impacts of practices are assessed based on quality of shallow ground water and well water, soil nutrient status, and plant growth characteristics. Current areas of focus include nutrient cycling in grazed grasslands, particularly through litter and excreta deposition and decomposition, and best management practices for N fertilization in bermudagrass hay fields of the Suwannee River area. The program has been funded primarily through USDA, FDACS, and FDEP grants.I have served as an Associate Editor of Agronomy Journal, Crop Science, and Scientia Agricola, and as Technical Editor for Forage and Grazinglands. In 2004, I was editor for the monograph entitled Warm-Season (C4) Grasses.


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