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Name: Putz, Francis
Title: Professor
Organization: Biology
Education: Ph.D., Ecology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1982
Office Address: PO Box 118526 Gainesville, FL 32611-8526
Email: fep@ufl.edu
Telephone: +1 (352) 392-1486

As a tropical forest ecologist I have had the opportunity to work in tropical freshwater swamp forests, mangrove forests, and at the other end of the moisture gradient in seasonally dry woodlands and savannas in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa. In Florida I have research on saltmarsh ecology and on the effects of sea level rise on low-lying coastal communities. My research directly related to water has included studies on plant water relations, flooding damage, and phenological behaviors related to seasonality of water availability. I am on the editorial board of Conservation Biology and previously was on the editorial boards of Biotropica and Forest Ecology and Management. A few relevant publications were:Putz, F.E., L.K. Sirot, and M.A. Pinard. 2001. Tropical forest management and wildlife: silvicultural effects on forest structure, fruit production, and locomotion of non-volant arboreal animals. In, R. Fimbel, A. Grajal, and J. Robinson (editors), The Cutting Edge: Conserving Wildlife in Managed Tropical Forests. Columbia University Press, New York. Putz, F.E., G.M. Blate, K.H. Redford, R. Fimbel, and J.G. Robinson . 2001. Biodiversity conservation in the context of tropical forest management. Conservation Biology 15:7-20.Putz, F.E. 2000. The economics of homegrown forestry. Ecological Economics 32:9-14.Putz, F.E. 2000. Some roles of North American ecologists in land-use planning in the tropics. Ecological Applications 10:676-679.Pinzon, Z., K. Ewel, and F.E. Putz. 2003. Gap formation and forest regeneration in a Micronesian mangrove forest. Journal of Tropical Ecology 19: 143-153.Pearce, D., F.E. Putz, and J. Vanclay. 2002. Sustainable forestry: panacea or pipedream? Forest Ecology and Management 172: 229-247.


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