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Name: Leibold, Mathew
Title: Professor
Organization: Biology
Education: Ph.D., Zoology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, 1988
Office Address: Department of Biology,PO BOX 118525 GAINESVILLE FL 326118525
Email: mleibold@ufl.edu

The field of ecology, and from my perspective especially the fields of community and ecosystem ecology, are in a state of tremendous and exciting change. In part this is due to improved methods and theories that are revitalizing the field from an academic perspective. But this is also largely driven by changes in the motivations and goals of scientists who are increasingly interested in questions that have implications (or even applications) in solving pressing environmental issues. My goals are: to conduct research that will serve to better integrate our knowledge of ecological processes and that will consequently facilitate solving environmental issues, and to contribute to efforts at making scientific approaches to ecology more accessible to society at large. In my work I use aquatic systems, especially lakes and ponds, as model systems to test general theories about ecology and evolution. I usually combine natural surveys that document patterns in nature (and in artificial) systems, with direct experimental tests of the hypotheses that result. Most often these experiments are conducted in highly replicated (up to 200 units) experiments with mesocosms that mimic pond ecosystems. I've worked in topics related to food web dynamics in productivity gradients, ecosystem responses to stoichiometric and food web manipulations, community assembly and its effects on the functioning of ecosystems, evolution of ecological traits in aquatic organisms (especially Daphnia), and the regulation of biodiversity in ponds and lakes.

Keywords: food webs; Daphnia; eutrophication; stoichiometry; community assembly; biodiversity; ecosystem functioning; synchrony dynamics of communities; metacommunity; niche

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