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Name: Deliz Quinones, Katherine
Title: Adjunct Professor
Organization: Environmental Engineering Sciences, ESSIE
Education: PhD, Environmental Engineering Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 2013
Office Address: PO BOX 116580 GAINESVILLE FL 326116580
Email: katherine.deliz@essie.ufl.edu
Telephone: 3528463913

Google Scholar Profile link:

Keywords: Water Quality; Water Treatment; Biogeochemistry; Toxicology; Microbiology; Public Health; Ecosystem health

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Subject AreaFocus Area
Aquatic BiologyInvertebrates
Aquatic ChemistryToxicology
ClimateAquatic Biology, other
Data Analysis/ModelingBiogeochemistry
EcologyAquatic Chemistry, other
Geography/Land UseClimate variability/change
Geology/SoilsChem. Fate & Transp. modeling
HydrologyEcological indicators
Policy/Legal ManagementEcosystem services
SustainabilityLake ecology
Water QualityRiparian ecology
Water Resource ManagementWetland ecology
Water TreatmentLand use/land cover change
Surfacewater hydrology
Environmental Regulations
Public Health
Low Impact Development
Water Footprint
Sustainability, other
Drinking Water Quality
Nonpoint source pollution
Nutrient Management
Point source pollution
Water quality-metals
Water quality-nutrients
Stormwater management
Surfacewater management
Constructed wetlands
Water Treatment, other