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Name: Reisinger, AJ
Title: Assistant Professor
Organization: Soil and Water Science
Education: Ph.D., Biology, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, 2015
Office Address: PO BOX 110290 GAINESVILLE FL 326110290
Email: reisingera@ufl.edu
Telephone: 5743091500


My interests are focused on the biogeochemistry and ecosystem ecology of urban environments. I am interested in understanding how the activities of humans on the land affect water quality primarily in terms of the chemical constituents dissolved in the water. To date, my research has focused on nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon cycling in flowing waters. In addition, I am interested in how emerging contaminants like pharmaceuticals and personal care products affect ecosystem functions in aquatic environments. Examples of these ecosystem functions include gross primary production and respiration, decomposition, nutrient assimilation, and denitrification. Although my primary interests are in the ecology of aquatic ecosystems, I am also very interested in the societal implications of water quality issues, both in terms of how we as humans think about our water and use our water resources as well as how our water resources affect society as a whole. For example, a research project I worked on a postdoctoral researcher in Baltimore studied the effect of stream restoration on nitrogen export to the Chesapeake Bay, but also linked this ecological effect with economic impacts of restoration and how these restorations changed the opinions of citizens in the neighborhood.

Keywords: nitrogen; phosphorus; carbon; metabolism; denitrification; algae; pharmaceutical; watershed; ecosystem

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Aquatic ChemistryBiogeochemistry
ClimateFreshwater chemistry
Data Analysis/ModelingAquatic Chemistry, other
EcologyExtreme Events
Education/CommunicationChem. Fate & Transp. modeling
Geography/Land UseStatistics
Geology/SoilsTime Series Analysis
HydraulicsWatershed modeling
HydrologyEcosystem services
Social/Cultural/InstitutionalLake ecology
SustainabilityWetland ecology
Water QualityEcology, other
Water Resource ManagementExtension
Water TreatmentLand use/land cover change
Fluvial processes
Urban water systems
Community Based Approaches
Interdisciplinary Research
Public engagement
Recreation and Tourism
Low Impact Development
Sustainability, other
Drinking Water Quality
Nonpoint source pollution
Nutrient Management
Point source pollution
Pesticide Management
Water quality-nutrients
Water quality-organic chemicals
Water quality-Pesticides
Water quality-pharmaceuticals
Stormwater management
Surfacewater management
Watershed management
Stormwater treatment
Wastewater reuse
Wastewater treatment
Water quality-turbidity