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Name: Desaeger, Johan
Title: Assistant Professor Nematology
Education: PhD Applied Biology, KULeuven, Belgium, Leuven, Belgium, 2001
Office Address: 14625 COUNTY ROAD 672 WIMAUMA FL 335986101
Email: jad@ufl.edu
Telephone: 8134196592

Google Scholar Profile link:

- Develop more sustainable nematode management strategies for Florida agriculture - Evaluate new and upcoming more selective and safer nematicides, including how products move in soil water - Optimize current chemical fumigant practices (placement, delivery, integration with non-fumigants in soil) and evaluate potential of non-chemical fumigant alternatives (biofumigation, anaerobic soil disinfestation, solarization) in vegetables and strawberries - good soil movement/distribution is critical - Study how nematodes in FL soils can be spread with water (rainfall, irrigation)

Keywords: Plant Nematology; Vegetables; Strawberry; Nematicides; Soil biology; Fumigants