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Name: Small, Ian
Title: Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology
Organization: North Florida Research and Education Center - Quincy
Education: Ph.D., Plant Pathology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 2016
Office Address: NFREC,155 RESEARCH RD QUINCY FL 323515677
Email: ismall@ufl.edu
Telephone: (+1) 850 875 7120


My goal is to contribute to a safe and secure food supply by advancing sustainable agricultural production through scientific research, education and leadership. My academic interests range from Plant Pathology, Plant Breeding, and Crop Science, through to Epidemiology, Statistics, and Applied Economics and Management. I am interested in systems approaches to the management of plant diseases, integrating genetic, cultural, biological, and chemical control methods into practical strategies for effective, economical, safe, and sustainable disease management. I am particularly interested in environmental and crop management factors that influence plant disease progress. Current projects that relate to water include a project funded by the National Peanut Board to study the effect of irrigation on peanut diseases.

Keywords: Plant Pathology; Plant Disease Management; Plant Disease Epidemiology; Decision support tools; Precision agriculture; Field-based phenotyping; Sustainable cropping systems

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