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Name: Bainum, Caitlin
Title: Farm Management Agent, I
Organization: UF/IFAS Extension
Education: B.S, Animal Science, UF, Gainesville FL, 2017
Office Address: 2232 NE JACKSONVILLE RD OCALA FL 344703615
Email: cbainum@ufl.edu
Telephone: 352-671-8792

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My position in Marion county is focused on "Horse Capital of the World" and promoting Best Management Practices on farms to enhance the water quality of the major springs located throughout the county. The largest issue facing Marion County is proper manure management, and nitrogen runoff. With BMAP plans in place for our large springs, Rainbow and Silver springs, the goal is to educate farm owners as much as possible before regulation from other entities is put in place. Our overall goal is to meet TMDL of nitrogen and phosphorus in the water sources. Some areas require upwards of an 80% decrease. I am working with UF professors and affiliated water management districts on a composting project in hopes of sparking the interest of farm owners in this area to compost on their operations. Agriculture is largely to blame for the excess nitrogen leaching into ground and surface waters, so it is up to us involved in the agriculture industry to educate and become better stewards.