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Name: Asche, Frank
Organization: Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Education: Ph.D., NHH, Bergen, Norway, 1996
Office Address: PO BOX 110410 GAINESVILLE FL 326110410
Email: frank.asche@ufl.edu

Frank Asche is a natural resource economist with a primary research focus on seafood, but who also engage in other natural resource challenges such as energy and food production in general. His work address issues at all levels of the supply chain, with particular focus on: 1) The interaction between fisheries and aquaculture and the ecosystem where the production is conducted, including the effect external factors that can enhance or challenge sustainability such as management systems, productivity growth and increased demand. 2) How increased demand and new supply chains influence the production system as well as the markets being served. In this context, the increasing trade with seafood is of particular importance. 3) How new consumer trends such as demand for eco-labeled products segments markets while trade increase market integration. Since all these challenges are multi-disciplinary, there is a strong multi-disciplinary component in Asche´s research. Asche is president of the International Association of Aquaculture Economics and Management (IAAEM) and associate editor for Marine Resource Economics and Marine Policy. He was also a member of the team that developed the Fish Price Index of the United Nation´s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

Keywords: Resource economics; Aquaculture; Fisheries; Energy

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