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Name: Jiang, Qiu-Xing
Title: Associate Professor
Organization: Microbiology/Cell Science
Education: PhD, Cell. Mol. Physiology, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 2002
Office Address: 1355 Museum Road PO BOX 110700, Rm1003 GAINESVILLE, FL 326110700
Email: qxjiang@ufl.edu
Telephone: 352-846-0953


My laboratory is doing research on ion channels in cell membranes and in secretory pathways, and in the same time is developing new tools for both single molecule imaging and biomembranes. We are interested in using biological membranes and new chemical engineering technologies we developed to build new water filtration systems. Currently the water filtration systems in the market have either high permeation and low selectivity or low permeation and high selectivity. The biological membranes we will build with water conductance are expected to have high selectivity and high permeation. We have invented a new method to prepare sizeable, stabilized biological membranes, and will apply this new method to build a new generation of biological membranes that will be able to sustain different challenges and harsh conditions and still maintain superb water filtration property. These stabilized membranes will be the core units to design and make a new type of water filtration system with the desired properties.

Keywords: water treatment; substrate-supported membranes; high water conductance; high water selectivity; walter filtration; biomembranes; desalination; wastewater treatment

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