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Name: Garrett, Karen
Title: Preeminent Professor
Organization: Plant Pathology
Education: Ph.D., 2000
Office Address: Plant Pathology, Institute for Sustainable Food Systems, Emerging Pathogens Institute, University of Florida
Email: karengarrett@ufl.edu

Google Scholar Profile link:

The Garrett Lab addresses water research primarily through studies of the effects of precipitation on plant disease risk, including agricultural and natural systems. More information is available at www.garrettlab.com.

Keywords: Disease; Invasive species; Epidemiology; Systems analysis; Network analysis; Precipitation; Leaf surface wetness; Multilayer networks

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Aquatic BiologyAlgae
Data Analysis/ModelingClimate variability/change
EcologyExtreme Events
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Time Series Analysis
Biotic integrity
Ecological indicators
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Forest ecology
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Landscape Ecology
Wetland ecology
Economic Risk Analysis
Science/Environmental education
Land use/land cover change
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International Issues
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Low Impact Development
Sustainability, other