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Name: Scheffers, Brett
Title: Assistant Professor
Organization: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Education: Ph.D, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2014
Office Address: PO BOX 110430 GAINESVILLE FL 326110430
Email: brett.scheffers@ufl.edu

As an assistant professor in the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Brett’s research focuses on how human disturbances such as habitat loss, urbanization and climate change impact animals living within forested and wetland ecosystems in the USA, Canada, Central and South America, Madagascar, SE Asia and Australia. Here, his work includes a diversity of animals such as birds, frogs, lizards, aquatic insects, ants, and butterflies. Brett has been published in leading academic journals such as Science, Proceedings of the Royal Society, and Trends in Ecology and Evolution and his work has been covered by dozens of news outlets such as as The Economist, Huffington Post, and Bloomberg News. He is an advisory member of the IUCN Climate Change Specialist group, which provides guidelines for assessing species vulnerability to climate change and served as an organizing committee member for “Species on the Move”, an international conference focused on the redistribution of species as a result of climate change. His outreach efforts include popular writing in online news outlets such as The Conversation, creating short science documentaries and communicating climate and conservation science to public audiences.

Keywords: stormwater wetlands; climate change; tropical rainforests; climate gradients; species conservation; vulnerability