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Name: Court, Christa
Title: Assistant Scientist
Organization: Food and Resource Economics
Education: Ph.D., Economics, West Virginia University , Morgantown, WV, 2012
Office Address: Food & Resource Economics Dept.,PO BOX 110240 GAINESVILLE FL 326110240
Email: ccourt@ufl.edu
Telephone: 352-294-7675

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My interests and activities related to water research primarily focus on the energy-water-food nexus and have recently been centered on the estimation of future water availability for electric power generation, the assessment of the potential for new technologies to minimize water use in the electricity generation sector, and the estimation of the costs of remedying water shortfalls if and when they arise. The scope of research on the energy-water nexus is quite broad and will require a transdisciplinary modeling approach to better understand the integration of economic, social, and environmental welfare as it relates to both water and energy. By focusing on the important roles of local and regional processes to socioeconomic performance and sustainability and modeling the linkages between the economic system, electricity and water demand, and water availability, I plan to use my expertise in regional economic modeling and environmental accounting to participate in collaborative efforts that contribute to high quality, policy relevant research on the energy-water nexus and water footprint analysis.

Keywords: water availability; energy-water-food nexus; regional economic modeling; environmental accounting; water footprint analysis; economic impact analysis