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Name: Deitch, Matthew
Title: Assistant Professor, Watershed Management
Education: Ph.D., Environmental Planning, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 2006
Office Address: 5988 HIGHWAY 90 BLDG 4900 MILTON FL 325831713
Email: mdeitch@ufl.edu

My research interests focus on aquatic ecosystem conservation, and in particular, how people can manage water resources to meet human and ecological needs. I am also interested in how science can inform decision-making to advance sustainable water resource management, and how changes in climate will affect the resilience of coupled human-natural freshwater systems. I collect field data describing water quantity and quality and use catchment-scale spatial models to propose, test, and implement alternative water management strategies with a goal of improving aquatic ecosystem sustainability. My current research focuses on the area extending from the Nature Coast through the Panhandle, north to the Appalachian Mountains. This area is renowned for its biodiversity, but ecological communities in this region are under pressure from human devleopment, changes in land management, and shifts in hydrologic dynamics--anthropogenic as well as climate-driven. Maintaining these ecological communities will require multidisciplinary scientific endeavors to determine how human needs can be met while providing adequate resources to support these ecosystems.

Keywords: water management; land use change; watershed modeling; trends analysis; streamflow; water quality; ecosystem resilience; gulf coastal plain; hydrologic variability; sea level rise

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Subject AreaFocus Area
Aquatic ChemistryFreshwater chemistry
ClimateClimate variability/change
Data Analysis/ModelingExtreme Events
EconomicsData QA/C
Geography/Land UseDecision Support Systems
Geology/SoilsGeospatial analysis
HydrologyHydrologic modeling
Policy/Legal ManagementRemote Sensing
Social/Cultural/InstitutionalSimulation modeling
SustainabilityWatershed modeling
Water QualityData Analysis/Modeling, other
Water Resource ManagementBiodiversity
Water TreatmentEcological indicators
Sea Level RiseEcosystem services
Endangered/threatened species
Estuarine ecology
Forest ecology
Grassland ecology
Water Consumption Analysis
Human geography
Land use/land cover change
Physical geography
Hyporheic zone
Surface/ground-water interactions
Wetlands hydrology
Environmental Regulations
Regulatory incentives
Water Law
Water policy
Cultural Issues
Interdisciplinary Research
Public engagement
Social/Cultural/Institutional, other
Low Impact Development
Water Footprint
Nonpoint source pollution
Nutrient Management
Point source pollution
Water quality-nutrients
Water quality-temperature
Alternative Water Supplies
Best management practices
Groundwater management
Hydroelectric power
Integrated watershed management
Irrigation and Drainage
Minimum flows and levels
Stormwater management
Surfacewater management
Total maximum daily loads
Water resource allocation and planning
Water Use Efficiency
Watershed management
Stormwater treatment
Water quality-turbidity