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Name: Sharp, Misti
Title: Lecturer
Organization: Food and Resource Economics, IFAS
Education: PhD, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2016
Office Address: Food & Resource Economics,PO BOX 110240 GAINESVILLE FL 326110240
Email: mistisharp@ufl.edu
Telephone: 352-294-7632

Google Scholar Profile link:

Dissertation Research Projects: “Water Quality Management in the South Platte River Basin: A Multisector Approach”  Utilizes economic experiments and econometrics “Impacts of Western Water Institutions on Water Conservation Investment Decisions” Coauthors: D. Manning and D. Hoag  Utilizes dynamic programming and simulation  “Institutional Complications of River Basin Management: Selenium in the Arkansas River Valley” Coauthors: D. Hoag, E. Romero, T. Gates, and R. Bailey  Accepted to American Journal of the American Water Resources Association, see Dec 2016 issue

Keywords: Property rights; Water institutions; Economics; Policy; Water quality; Water quantity; nutrient pollution; BMPs; Adoption; Experiments

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