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Name: Ryan, Sadie
Title: Assistant Professor, Medical Geography
Organization: Geography
Education: PhD, Environmental Science, Policy and Management, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 2006
Office Address: PO BOX 117315 GAINESVILLE FL 326117315
Email: sjryan@ufl.edu
Telephone: 352 294 7513

My research interests include the spatial ecology of infectious diseases, landscape-scale conservation, and the coupled systems ecological interactions that encompass these. Three major components of my research that are focused in water and water-dependent processes are: 1. Climate and water driven disease dynamics - vectorborne diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya, zika, and cholera and other waterborne pathogens in a tropical estuarine system; 2. Water access and health, as embedded in human-environment interactions on the landscape across multiple developing countries; 3. Conservation of drylands ecosystems globally - disentangling climate and management in a context of anthropogenically induced landscape change over the past few decades, and implications for the future. In addition to these larger themes, I am also involved in a project examining ranavirus dynamics in a constructed wetland restoration system in the Northeastern Forest (USA). Understanding how the reconstruction of vernal pools impacts the aquatic environment, which in turn interacts with infectious agents of recovering amphibians, is vital to informing future reconstruction efforts in wetland restoration. The three major thematic projects are based around interdisciplinary, multi-institutional collaborative efforts. They subsist on funding from external agencies, which varies in amount and degree, annually. More information about all these projects and their products can be found on the Ryan Lab website.

Keywords: vectorborne disease; Medical Geography; disease mapping; cholera; GIS; quantitative ecology; savanna systems; Africa; Latin America; Ecuador