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Name: Muneepeerakul, Rachata
Title: Associate Professor
Education: Ph.D., Civil & Environmental Eng., Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, 2007
Office Address: Agricultural & Biological Engineering,PO BOX 110570 GAINESVILLE FL 326110570
Email: rmuneepe@ufl.edu
Telephone: 352-392-1864

My research interests have been increasingly interdisciplinary, with focus moving toward modeling coupled natural-human systems. How do changes and fluctuation in water availability affect the robustness and resilience of a society with different structures? What kind of "controls", e.g., through policies and incentives, could be implemented that enhance the system's robustness and resilience? I attempt to approach these questions with mathematical rigor and clarity. I draw concepts and tools from various disciplines: stochastic modeling of hydrological variables (e.g., precipitation and soil moisture dynamics), biodiversity modeling (e.g., how spatial hydrological patterns affect biodiversity patterns of aquatic organisms), game theory (e.g., how social actors with different objectives interact with certain hydrological settings as a backdrop), and network analysis.

Some publications in this area include:

Yu, D., M.R. Qubbaj, R. Muneepeerakul, J.M. Anderies, & R.M. Aggarwal. 2015. Effect of infrastructure design on commons dilemmas in social-ecological system dynamics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112(43): 13207-13212, doi:10.1073/pnas.1410688112.

Muneepeerakul, R., M.R. Qubbaj, R.M. Aggarwal, J.M. Anderies, & M.A. Janssen. 2012. Critical transition between cohesive and population-dividing responses to change. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 9: 3303-3311. doi:10.1098/rsif.2012.0431. (Open access)

I am also on the editorial board of Advances in Water Resources.

Keywords: Ecohydrology; Stochastic hydrology; Coupled natural-human systems; Social-ecological systems; Game theory; Replicator Dynamics; Stochastic modeling