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Name: Mulvaney, Michael
Title: Cropping Systems Specialist
Organization: Agronomy
Education: PhD, Agronomy and Soils, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, 2010
Office Address: 4253 EXPERIMENT ROAD, HWY 182 JAY FL 32565
Email: m.mulvaney@ufl.edu
Telephone: 850-382-5221

Research interests include evaluation of the sustainability and profitability of traditional row crops and emerging cropping systems. Research focuses on innovative approaches in areas such as traditional row crops (peanut, cotton, corn, soybean), specialty and alternative crops, bioenergy crops, precision agriculture, conservation tillage, efficient nutrient and water management in crop based systems, crop rotations, environmental issues, crop protection, carbon sequestration, and climate change. Emphasis is placed on resource use efficiency, particularly in terms of fertility and conservation tillage systems.

Keywords: cropping systems; water use; nutrient use; fertility; conservation; tillage; climate