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Name: Waltzek, Thomas
Title: Assistant Professor
Organization: Veterinary Medicine
Education: Ph.D., Comparative Pathology, UC Davis, Davis CA, 2011
Office Address: 2055 MOWRY RD GAINESVILLE FL 326110001
Email: tbwaltzek@ufl.edu
Telephone: 530-574-2976

Research Interests: 1)Characterization of emerging aquatic animal viruses (EAAVs) using conventional and Next Generation sequencing approaches 2) Phylogenomics to study the biology, epidemiology, and evolution of EAAVs 3) Development of broadly applicable diagnostic methodologies to track EAAVs 4) Determining the role that international commerce of aquatic animals plays in the emergence AAVs as it relates to global aquaculture and ecosystem health. 5) Aquatic animal zoonoses, public health, one health

Keywords: Pathogens; Virus; Fungus; Bacteria; Phylogenetics; Fish; Marine Mammals; Coral; Amphibians ; Reptiles