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Name: Ribeiro Do Valle, Denis
Title: Assistant Professor
Organization: School of Forest Resources and Conservation
Education: PhD, Ecology, Duke University, Durham, NC, 2014
Office Address: PO BOX 110410 GAINESVILLE FL 326110410
Email: drvalle@ufl.edu
Telephone: 352-392-3806

Google Scholar Profile link:

I am interested in the relationship between environmental change and human health. For example, large-scale infrastructure construction (e.g., hydroelectric dams) in the Amazon region will catalyze considerable social and environmental change, which may substantially impact human health. I am also interested in developing and applying innovative statistical models to these problems. Examples of common challenges to be tackled with these models include combining multiple datasets (e.g., citizen-science and research based data) and assessing causation from non-experimental interventions. I have been actively involved in the UF integrative research group focused on Amazon hydroelectric dams, participating on several ongoing projects related to this theme.

Keywords: Bayesian statistics; malaria; environment; health; dams; Amazon; disease; vector; land-use / land-cover change; climate change