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Name: Murie, Debra
Title: Associate Professor
Organization: School of Forest Resources and Conservation
Education: Ph.D., Biology, University of Victoria, Victorira, British Columbia, 1991
Office Address: PO Box 110600Gainesville, FL, US32653
Email: dmurie@ufl.edu
Telephone: +1 (352) 273-3601

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My research interests are in trophic dynamics and population biology of primarily coastal and estuarine fishes. I am especially interested in all aspects of feeding ecology, age and growth, mortality, and reproduction. Since many of the commercially and recreationally important fish species of Florida (as well as elsewhere) are estuarine-dependent, it is critical to understand estuarine ecosystems, both from the river and ocean perspectives.Specifically in the Suwannee River system, my interest relates to the Gulf of Mexico sturgeon. We have studied the food habits and ultrasonically tracked fish in both the estuary, in relation to prey resources, and in the river during spawning and over-summering.In collaboration with Dr. Leo Nico and Dr. Bill Loftus (USGS), my research on freshwater fishes in South Florida has involved age and growth studies of Florida gar, spotted tilapia, warmouth, spotted sunfish, and yellow bullhead as part of the Everglades restoration process.


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