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Name: Kaplan, David
Title: Assistant Professor
Organization: Environmental Engineering Sciences, ESSIE
Education: Ph.D., Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 2010
Office Address: Environmental Engineering Sciences University of Florida 6 Phelps Lab, PO Box 116350 Gainesville, FL 32611-6350
Email: dkaplan@ufl.edu
Telephone: 352-392-8439

Environmental/ecological thresholds that cause ecosystems to transition (or not) when acted upon by external drivers Differential resilience of ecosystems to similar abiotic drivers (e.g., effects of sea level rise on salt marsh vs. mangroves) How to manage ecosystems for the highest benefit given multiple pressures Hydrological and ecological modeling for scenario testing and improved management of ecosystems

Keywords: Wetlands; Watersheds; Hydrology; Ecology; Ecohydrology; Modeling; Restoration; Natural Resources Management

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Subject AreaFocus Area
Data Analysis/ModelingCoastal/estuarine modeling
EcologyComputational methods
Geology/SoilsGeospatial analysis
HydraulicsHydrologic modeling
HydrologyTime Series Analysis
Social/Cultural/InstitutionalWatershed modeling
SustainabilityData Analysis/Modeling, other
Water QualityCoastal ecology
Water Resource ManagementEcosystem services
Water TreatmentEstuarine ecology
Sea Level RiseForest ecology
Lake ecology
Riparian ecology
Wetland ecology
Coastal morphology&processes
Fluvial processes
Urban water systems
Surface/ground-water interactions
Surfacewater hydrology
Vadose zone
Wetlands hydrology
Interdisciplinary Research
International Issues
Low Impact Development
Nonpoint source pollution
Nutrient Management
Best management practices
Interbasin transfers
Minimum flows and levels
Constructed wetlands
Water quality, other