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Name: Huffaker, Ray
Title: Professor and Chair
Organization: Food and Resource Economics
Education: Ph.D., J.D., Agricultural Economics, Law, UC Davis, Davis, CA, 1983
Office Address: PO BOX 110240 GAINESVILLE, FL 32611-0240
Email: rhuffaker@ufl.edu
Telephone: 352-294-7625

Ray Huffaker is a professor specializing in mathematical bioeconomics in the Food and Resource Economics Department at the University of Florida. He holds a Ph.D. in agricultural economics and a J.D. specializing in natural resource and environmental law both from the University of California, Davis. In general, his research focuses on economic, ecological, and public policy issues at the interface between agriculture and the environment. His research particular to water resources focuses on the economics of irrigation hydrology, agricultural water conservation, reservoir sedimentation management, and water rights. His research particular to invasive species has included optimal management of invasive weeds in grazing land, vector-virus-host interactions in crop production, and pest resistance to pesticidal crops. Huffaker also is interested in the application of diagnostic techniques to detect deterministic structure in economic and biophysical time-sequenced data. This information guides the construction of bioeconomic models so that their simulated dynamics match the complexity of the real-world bioeconomic systems generating the observed time series. The diagnostic techniques include singular spectrum analysis (decomposing the time series into a sum of slowly-varying trend, oscillatory, and random components), phase-space reconstruction (using the non-random components to graphically reconstruct dynamics topologically equivalent to the 'true' system dynamics generating the data), and surrogate data tests (testing the null hypothesis that apparent deterministic structure in observed data is generated instead by random dynamical structures).

Keywords: time series analysis; nonlinear dynamics; irrigation; reservoir sedimentation; agricultural water conservation; water rights