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Name: Minogue, Patrick
Title: Assistant Professor, Extension Specialist
Organization: School of Forest Resources and Conservation
Education: Ph.D., Tree Physiology, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, 1990
Office Address: 155 RESEARCH RD QUINCY, FL 32351-5677
Email: pminogue@ufl.edu
Telephone: (850) 875 7142

My research regarding the impacts of silvicultural practices on water quality includes applied and basic questions regarding nutrient budgets, fertilization frequency, comparisons of mineral and organic fertilizer materials, effects of pine straw raking, and environmental fate of fertilizers. This work will determine biological and economic thresholds and ultimately expand the scientific basis for fertilizer use recommendations which safeguard water quality in Florida and the region. This effort to protect water quality has attracted $1,270 K in extramural funding since 2008.

Keywords: forest fertilization ; silviculture BMPs; nutrient budgets; groundwater monitoring; herbicide monitoring; municipal waste dendroremediation; nutrient leaching; streamwater monitoring; slow release fertilizers; nutrient dynamics