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Name: Lorenzen, Kai
Title: Professor, Integrative Fisheries Science
Organization: Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Education: PhD, Applied Population Biology, University of London, London, UK, 1997
Office Address: 7922 NW 71st St. GAINESVILLE FL 32653
Email: klorenzen@ufl.edu
Telephone: 352-273-3646

My research focuses on inland and coastal living aquatic resources that are intensively managed for production or conservation purposes. My research approach is problem-oriented, integrative and trans-disciplinary, combining quantitative ecology with human dimensions research and engaging closely with management initiatives. Many of my projects have investigated interactions between inland fisheries, aquaculture, and the development of water resources for agriculture and hydropower. I have long-standing interests in the enhancement and restoration of fisheries in highly modified habitats such as irrigation reservoirs and in the conservation of aquatic resources within agricultural landscapes. More recently, I have become involved in research on the impacts of hydropower dams on river fisheries. I have worked extensively in the Mekong and Amazon basins and in coastal areas of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. I participate in the 2015 Water Institute Graduate Fellowship Program: "Hydrologic transformation in the Amazon basin: reconciling economy, society, and the environment in the world’s largest watershed".

Keywords: fisheries ; aquaculture; irrigation ; rice farming landscapes; hydropower; Mekong; Amazon