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Name: Perfit, Michael
Title: Professor and Chair
Organization: Geology
Education: Ph.D., Geochemistry, Columbia University, New York City, NY, 1977
Office Address: Williamson Hall PO Box 112120 Gainesville, Fl 32611
Email: mperfit@ufl.edu
Telephone: +1 (352) 392-2128

As Chair of the Department of Geological Sciences, I oversee and have responsibility for faculty, students and staff with specific research interests that relate to the Water Institute. As a geoscientist in general, I am concerned with how and where Earth stores and transports water. More specifically I am interested in how juvenile water is generated within the Earth and how surface water physically and chemically interacts with rocks and minerals. My specific expertise is in marine geology and igneous geochemistry. My research is concerned with the origins and petrogenesis of volcanic rocks generated at mid-ocean ridges and island arcs. I utilize a variety of modern geochemical techniques to study the generation of magmas beneath spreading centers and hotspots. Much of my focus has been on interdisciplinary aspects of marine geology to help address some of the fundamental problems such as the development of hydrothermal vent communities at abyssal depths and the quantification of the elemental and thermal fluxes to the oceans that result from submarine volcanism. My research requires participation on oceanographic expeditions which involves working closely with other scientists, engineers, and ships crew, and utilizing geophysical equipment, remotely operated vehicles, and manned submersibles such as ALVIN to explore the ocean floor.


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