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Name: Harris, Willie
Title: Professor
Organization: Soil and Water Science
Education: Ph.D., Soil Mineralogy, Va. Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 1984
Office Address: 2181 McCarty Hall PO Box 110290 Gainesville, FL, 32611
Email: apatite@ufl.edu
Telephone: +1 (352) 294-3110

M y research focus over the last several years has been on (i) environmental issues in Florida that are influenced by soil and sediment components and (ii) basic soil genetic processes that include those involved in the formation of Spodosols, the dominant soil Order of Florida. I was PI on two USDA-funded projects addressing environmental aspects of phosphate in soils, including the influence of manure-derived components on phosphate stability. In addition, I worked collaboratively on research pertaining to (i) phosphorus sorption by drinking water treatment residuals, (ii) lead transformations in contaminated soils, (iii) efficacy and consequence of protocols to stabilize lead using phosphates, (iv) fluidized-bed recovery of phosphate from flushed dairy manure, (v) mineralogical nature of Okeechobee sediment as it relates to turbidity, and (vi) forms of particulate phosphorus in water moving from the Everglades agricultural area. I currently (2007)serve as PI and co-PI on two state-funded projects involving development of protocols for predicting phosphorus behavior in sandy soils under different loading schemes and hydrologic settings. My research goal for the next 5 years is to promote interdisciplinary research that holistically documents (i) soil and landscape processes related to water quality and (ii) efficacy of mitigation approaches in protecting Florida water resources. I co-teach a graduate course in Hydric Soils with the USDA-NRCS National Leader on Hydric Soils, Mr. Wade Hurt. I also teach courses in soil mineralogy, pedology, and soil judging. All of these courses involve field- or indoor laboratories, and relate to varying degrees to water quality. I taught pedology as a distance education section for the last three years in addition to the on-campus offering. I have been involved in the planning, development and implementation of the Florida Phosphorus Index, stressing in that role the need to account for leaching on some landscapes, serving as chair of a transport subcommittee, and drafting initial criteria for leaching risks of P loss from agricultural fields based on soil characteristics. I have also participated in IFAS-sponsored nutrient management workshops both as lecturer and field resource on the topic of phosphorus risk as related to soil characteristics.