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Name: Adams, Peter
Title: Associate Professor
Organization: Geology
Education: Ph.D., Earth Sciences, Univ. of California - Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA, 2004
Office Address: Dept. of Geological Sciences 241 Williamson Hall Gainesville, FL 32611-2003
Email: adamsp@ufl.edu
Telephone: +1 (352) 846-0825

My research is aimed at understanding the links between climate-related physical processes and coastal landform response. Sea level rise associated with climate change is particularly threatening to heavily-populated coastal regions, which motivates my research toward an applied focus.Through real-time instrumentation and numerical modeling of the coastal landscape, we are investigating specific topics such as (1) the influence of decadal atmospheric oscillations on the strength of El Ni?o winter wave climate, (2) seasonality of wave conditions and temporal patterns of longshore sediment transport, (3) identification/prediction of erosional hotspots along the coast, and (4) the establishment of a wave climatology for the Florida Atlantic coast.Recent publications include:Adams, P. N., D. L. Inman, and N. Graham, (in review), Southern California Deep-Water Wave Climate: Characterization and Application to Coastal Processes, Jour. of Coastal ResearchAdams, P. N., P. Ruggiero, G. C. Schoch, and G. Gelfenbaum, (in press), Intertidal Sand Body Migration Along a Megatidal Coast, Kachemak Bay, Alaska, Journal of Geophysical Research ? Earth Surface.Adams, P. N., C. D. Storlazzi and R. S. Anderson, 2005, Nearshore Wave-Induced Cyclical Strain of Sea Cliffs: A Possible Fatigue Mechanism, Journal of Geophysical Research ? Earth Surface, v.110, No. F2.Adams, P. N., R. L. Slingerland, and N. D. Smith, 2004, Variations in Natural Levee Morphology in Anastomosed Channel Floodplain Complexes, Geomorphology, v. 61, no.1-2, p. 127-142.Adams, P. N., R. S. Anderson and J. Revenaugh, 2002, Microseismic Measurement of Wave Energy Delivery to a Rocky Coast, Geology, v. 30, no. 10, p. 895-898.


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