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Name: Reddy, Konda Ramesh
Title: Graduate Research Professor and Chair
Organization: Soil and Water Science
Education: Ph. D, Soil Science - Biogeochemistry, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La, 1976
Office Address: 2181 McCarty Hall PO Box 110290 Gainesville, Florida 32611
Email: krr@ufl.edu
Telephone: +1 (352) 294-3151

Dr. Reddy specializes in biogeochemistry of wetlands and aquatic systems, as related to water quality, carbon sequestration, and ecosystem productivity. Taches a course on Biogeochemistry of Wetlands and Aquatic Systems and trains students in the theory and practice on water resources issues related to wetlands and aquatic systems. Dr. Reddy conducts research on coupled biogeochemical cycling of nutrients and other contaminants in wetlands and aquatic systems, as related to ecosystem function and water quality. His current research has focused on three main themes: (1) coupled biogeochemical cycles regulating nutrient and contaminant behavior in wetlands and aquatic systems, (2) biogeochemical indicators/processes to evaluate nutrient/contaminant impacts and recovery in wetlands and aquatic systems; (3) application of basic water science research to solve real-world water quality problems; (4) integrate process level information into policy development and regulation; and (5) promote interdisciplinary teaching, research and extension programs with other disciplines including ecology, limnology and hydrology. Dr. Reddy established the Wetland Biogeochemistry Laboratory (WBL) to accommodate a comprehensive interdisciplinary program in the area of biogeochemistry of wetlands and aquatic systems. The WBL research activities are supported by grant and contract funds. Publications and other research and educational activities from this program can be viewed at the WBL web site: http://wetlands.ifas.ufl.edu/. Dr. Reddy teaches a graduate course on Biogeochemistry of Wetlands. Dr. Reddy serves on editorial boards of several journals including: Ecological Engineering; Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology; and Nutrient Cycling Agroecosystems. Dr. Reddy currently serves on a National Committee to develop nutrient criteria for wetland ecosystems, sponsored by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. Dr. Reddy also serves on National Research Council (National Academies) committee on Soil Science.

Keywords: wetlands; Everglades; Okeechobee; rice; biogeochemistry; redox; carbon sequestration; methane; nutrients; sediments

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