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Name: Martin, Jonathan
Title: Professor
Organization: Geology
Education: Ph.D., Earth Sciences, UC San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, CA, 1993
Office Address: PO Box 112120 Gainesville, FL 32611-2120
Email: jbmartin@ufl.edu
Telephone: +1 (352) 392-6219

Dr. Martin is a geochemist specializing in using natural chemical and isotopic compositions of water as tracers of ground water and surface water interactions. He teaches courses in mineralogy, water-rock interaction, field methods, and hydrogeochemistry. His research focuses on three disparate systems that range from the deep sea to terrestrial environments and include submarine cold seeps along active tectonic margins, sites of ground water discharge to estuaries and coastal zones, and continental karst aquifers.Dr. Martin's current research topics include the study of the control of carbon isotopic composition of benthic foraminifera as a means to determine paleoflow from cold seeps. Field areas for this project are in the Aleutian Islands and California coast. An additional research topic involves studies of the extent that nutrient and carbon loading to estuaries originates from submarine ground water discharge. The primary field areas for this project are along the east and west coasts of Florida, with secondary areas in the Bahamas, Brazil, Korea, and Japan. A third research topic is in aquifer dynamics and dissolution reactions of young karst systems that retain high primary porosity, with primary field areas in Florida and the Bahamas.Dr. Martin serves on the Board of Directors for the Karst Waters Institute and on the Florida Springs Task Force. He is an associate editor of Ground Water. He is a member of the International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Oceans ? International Association of Hydrologic Sciences (IAPSO-IAHS) Joint Commission on Ground Water ? Sea water Exchange. He has served on US Science Advisory Committee and Environment Science Steering and Evaluation Panel for the Ocean Drilling Program as well as several review panels for the National Science Foundation.

Keywords: geochemistry; hydrology; off-shore groundwater; blue holes; conduits; springs; limestone