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Name: Andreu, Michael
Title: Associate Professor
Organization: School of Forest Resources and Conservation
Education: Ph.D., Silviculture and Forest Protection, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 2005
Office Address: 351 Newins-Ziegler Hall PO Box 110410 Gainesville, FL 32611
Email: mandreu@ufl.edu
Telephone: +1 (352) 846-0355

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The forests of Florida are integral to managing the water quality of Florida. As these forests are being impacted by urbanization, we are seeing a shift in the environmental services that our forests provide. To address this matter on a regional basis I have co-founded The Tampa Bay Watershed - Forest Working Group. The mission of this group is to create a scientific framework for the ecological assessment and sustainable management of the Tampa Bay watershed?s trees and forested ecosystems along the urban ? wildland continuum. It is our intention that this interdisiplenary group comprised of scientist, practitioners, and policy makers from Federal, State and Private industry will begin to address the following questions:1) What is the extent of our forest and how is it changing?2) What are the drivers to change in our forests (rural and urban)?3) How are these changes impacting the function of the forests?4) What can research and extension bring to the table to provide scientific information so that these forests can continue to sustainably provide these services and funtions?Keywords: Silviculture; Restoration; Forest Ecology; Forest Management; Afforestation; Reforestation; Forest Modelling; Urban Forestry.